Showing us who they are

Donald Trump is the new US President-Elect. The world is in shock. We don’t quite understand. We need it to make sense. We’re looking for answers. How could this happen? we ask , as we’re still reeling from the Brexit aftermath. How can people be so hateful ? So close-minded ? So resolutely backward ?

The 21st century individual in us cannot understand. Refuses to. This is insane, right ? It can’t be ? We must have miscalculated ? There must be something that could have been done. Someone or something that can be blamed for this disaster. 

The good news is : there is. The bad news is: it couldn’t have been stopped. Not this time around.  We’ve seen the enemy and it is white entitlement. And it doesn’t plan to go quietly into the night . It will fight nail and tooth until its inevitable death. 

For centuries, the white male was the world’s bee’s knees. He dominated everywhere. His military might was the stuff of legends . He went everywhere, taking slaves, lands and resources.  He was king.

Since then , he’s had to let go of many of his privileges . One by one . The slaves . The lands . The resources . And now he’s being asked to forgo what has been his rock all this time. The only thing that helped him through this ever changing world. The white male is being asked to forgo his identity as a White. He’s being asked to become a human being. Just like the rest of us. And he doesn’t like it. It makes him angry. It makes him want to hurt.

Nigel Farage or Donald Trump are thus the means to an end. A rallying cry to defend what he sees as his . In all his incarnations. Male and female. A last ditch effort to preserve their God-approved supremacy.

When Donald Trump came down that gaudy stairway in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, and days after days since then , he had proudly shrouded himself in white supremacist rhetoric. He would then go on to turn his campaign over to the alt-right movement while enjoying endorsements from the Ku Klux Klan and other like-minded unsavory groups.

Meanwhile, we’ve been trying to understand Mr Trump’s appeal beyond the obvious and along came the myth of the disaffected blue collar white voter. The poor soul left behind by globalization and liberalism and who is now resenting both. We’ve since tried to reach out to him, tell him all about how Donald Trump isn’t making any sense, has no sensible policy and is generally a snake oil salesman .

In vain. He doesn’t seem to care . No matter what. The bankruptcies, the not-paying-taxes-for decades, the questionable morality, the accusations of sexual abuse, the refusal to publish his tax returns,the multiple lawsuits , the not-paying-his-contractors, the upcoming court date for the alleged rape of a minor . . .

The white male doesn’t care about any of that . It’s not even that he doesn’t know about it. It’s irrelevant . He wants Donald Trump because he has seen in him something we can’t understand, someone he’s been forced to hide for too long . He sees in Donald Trump, the very person Donald Trump presented himself to be coming down those stairs to ask for the white male (and his female )’s vote : a racist , misogynistic , bullying bigot. He is making his coming out .

In the words of Maya Angelou , « when someone shows you who they are , believe them, the first time » . The white male who massively  voted Donald Trump in isn’t angry at a system that has left him behind. He is angry at a system that has let us in.

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