Showing us who they are

Donald Trump is the new US President-Elect. The world is in shock. We don’t quite understand. We need it to make sense. We’re looking for answers. How could this happen? we ask , as we’re still reeling from the Brexit aftermath. How can people be so hateful ? So close-minded ? So resolutely backward ?

The 21st century individual in us cannot understand. Refuses to. This is insane, right ? It can’t be ? We must have miscalculated ? There must be something that could have been done. Someone or something that can be blamed for this disaster.  Continuer de lire « Showing us who they are »

America, it’s time to stop worrying and love the Trump

About five years ago, while still in the throes of the most devastating earthquake of an history littered with tragic natural and man-made disasters, Haiti had a buffoon become its President. Today, an ongoing electoral and political crisis, a debilitating inflation, an abyssal social and economic record, and 2 billion dollars in debt later, we are soldiering on, keeping on keeping on. Things aren’t so bad, really. There is a saying here that as long your head isn’t cut off, you may dream of wearing a hat. Which brings me to you.

I know it might sound crazy and reasonably defeatist but Donald J. Trump will be your next President, whether you want him or not. It doesn’t matter what you think. It won’t matter that he is a vulgarian boasting about his successes and riches even though his many bankruptcies are public knowledge. It won’t matter that he has a history of public indecency, fraught with nudity and misogynistic remarks. It won’t matter that he is an entertainer with a tact for finding and encouraging the lowest common denominator. None of this will matter. Coming November 9th, Donald J. Trump will be confirmed as your next  President.

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